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Apostles' Images May Be Oldest Icons (Gregory LeFever)
Catacomb's images of St. Paul (left) and St. Peter (right).Fourth-century images of St. Peter and St. Paul were discovered earlier this month on walls of the Catacomb of Santa Tecla beneath Rome. The image of St. Paul is “the oldest icon in history dedicated to the cult of the Apostle,” [...]

Catacomb Painting Shows Daniel and Lions (Gregory LeFever)
Painted on a ceiling near the Crypts of Lucina in the Christian catacombs of Rome, this image likely shows Daniel at the center, with lions on all sides of him. Surrounding the central images are depictions of the Good Shepherd and a woman, possibly the Virgin Mary. Originally believed to [...]

Earliest Illustrated Christian Book is Saved (Gregory LeFever)
A page from the Garima Gospels.A British charity has saved the world's earliest illustrated Christian book, which was found at a remote Ethiopian monestary.The Garima Gospels are named after a monk named Abba Garima who arrived in Ethiopia from Constantinople in 494 AD. Legend has it that he was able [...]

Carrying the Child: Saint Christopher (Gregory LeFever)
Saint Christopher by Hieronymus Bosch, circa 1480. Saint Christopher is the man of legend, first described in 6th century Greece and becoming very popular across Europe by the 9th century. He was said to be a veritable giant who sought to serve the mightiest of [...]

Why Is Mary Standing on Eden's Snake? (Gregory LeFever)
This little French statue of Saint Mary currently available on Sacred Art & Antiquities depicts her serene beauty. But if you look at her feet, she is crushing a snake. The origins of this depiction go back to early translations ~ actually mistranslations ~ of Genesis 3:15.The original Hebrew and [...]